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Carnevale di Venezia 2023

2023 was the year I finally committed to the legendary Venice Carnival! With the help of friends, who are serious carnevale experts, I managed to cobble together a 3 day taster trip to the incredible city of Venice.

I have learned that Carnevale is not for the faint hearted, as you need a strong constitution and a well filled purse! Hence our extremely short visit, as everything during the carnival is just so very expensive. Three days = three outfits for each of us , however I´m aware that most carnival goers bring more outfits than one per day!

Anyway, on to the pictures, as words can not describe the magic of this experience!

La Serenissima, as beautiful as you would expect! Everything in Venice is so highly photogenic!

Day 1 of dressup! I chose my red velvet German Renaissance gown, which is over 10 years old! Due to workload I had basically no time to make new costumes for the trip. The only new things are the little hat, inspired by Cranach portraits, and the amazing shoes from Arm Street! The little capelet is lined with faux fur and was very necessary to keep me warm in the chilly February weather. The dress only needed minor alteration and I loved wearing it!

My husband´s outfit was actually a loan from the closet of my sister! Paired with a black wool hat made by me.

The whole of Venice is literally a photo opportunity.

My favourite about being in Italy: breakfast!!

We visited the famous Cafe Florian, dove right into the crowds at S.Marco and Rialto bridge and also visited some beautiful museums!

And then it´s time to go to the ball! A wonderful 18th century themed evening in a magical palazzo was the highlight of this trip. Drinking prosecco like water and dancing into the wee hours! Where you meet Instagram celebrities behind every corner, admire each others costumes and have the most splendid time!

And even your walk home looks like a dream!

Enjoy a little gallery of favourite pictures!

I created this little Get Ready With Me video in our Airbnb before the ball!

My special thanks go to all the lovely friends who helped organize this adventure! It was a truly magical experience and I can´t wait to do it again!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch via the contact form.

Until then!

All the best,



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