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Millinery and Accessories

No outfit is complete without headwear and fashionable accessories of the period. We can create the perfect accompaniments for your historical dream gown! The addition of hats, bonnets, bags and reticules, shawls and muffs will make the look come to life! Here's a selection of accessories we have had the pleasure of creating. For commissions please use the contact form or send an email to

Tall silk hat 1791

Inspired by a fashion plate from "Journal des Luxus und der Moden", dating October 1791, this hat was created on a buckram base and covered in silk taffeta and ribbon.

Capelet 1778

This little shoulder cape was created in dusty pink silk taffeta and silk ribbon, inspired by an engraving from "Galerie des Modes", dated 1778.

Velvet hat 1905-1910

Large velvet hat with handmade trims and antique plumes, created after an extant piece from the collection of the Germanisches National Museum Nuremberg (last picture).

Straw Bonnet 1850-1860

Mid victorian ladies bonnet created from straw braid, trimmed with silk ribbon and flowers.

Various accessories 18th/19th century

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