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Full Costumes

Let us create a piece of history for you! A unique design inspired by an extant garment, a faithful reproduction from a portrait or even from your favourite movie, show or book! Here you will find a selection of items we have created. For commissions please use the contact form or send an email to

18th century

Robe a l'Anglaise 1770-1790

A late 18th century gown with a "zone front", a false waistcoat. Made in green striped silk taffeta and the palest pink silk, and adorned with original 18th century lace!

Robe a la Francaise 1750-1780

Without a doubt the most flattering gown of the 18th century! Made in beautiful striped silk taffeta in candy pink and ivory, the gown is richly trimmed in self-fabric flounces and ruching. All trims were made by hand using an 18th century pinking tool.

Robe à l’anglaise retroussée 1770-1780

This late 18th century gown was made from beautiful printed cotton fabric, also known as chintz or indienne. These materials were imported from India for the western market and extremely popular around the 1770s and 80s. The skirt is looped up internally into decorative puffs and worn over a silk petticoat.

Mens Habit 1770-1780

3-piece suit in green silk duchess and cream brocade. Justaucorps, waistcoat and breeches have gold buttons and are lined with silk.

Robe a l'Anglaise 1770-1790

A late 18th century gown with a "zone front", a false waistcoat. Made in chocolate brown and emerald green silk taffeta!

Mens Habit 1790s

A recreation of an original extant 1790s coat in my collection, made in shot silk taffeta, using the original construction techniques. The matching breeches and gold silk duchess waistcoat were custom drafted after period patterns.


Ball Gown 1805-1810

Evening gown in stunning pink silk fabric, embellished by hand with real gold sequins. The hemline is adorned with looped self-fabric ribbons. Buttons have been hand embroidered with gold work.

Day Dress 1798-1805

A faithful reproduction of an original dress in the collection of the Salisbury Museum. Made from block printed cotton fabric, the dress features a stomacher or bib front opening and has removable undersleeves.

Spencer Jacket 1800

This jacket was inspired by the military uniforms of the period, as picked up fashionable ladies at the time. Green wool with black silk velvet cuffs.

Evening Gown1795-1805

Inspired by an original extant garment, this gown was created in ivory silk taffeta with woven metallic ornaments. It closes with simple drawstrings at the back and features a flattering puddle train.

19th century

Ball Gown 1830s

This Romantic period ball gown in lilac silk taffeta is to be worn over a corded petticoat, typical for the 1830s. The beautiful trims have been hand-pinked using original tools.

Mens Suit 1870s

Made to measure 3-piece suit in black wool and silk brocade.

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