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Welcome friends!

Hello and thank you for joining me here!

In June I launched my new website and only a few weeks later I had to pack up the studio and move house! I left beautiful West London after 13 years to try out life in the country!

And here we are, in the South East of England lies the historic market town of Buckingham, slightly over an hour north of London.

With my husband and cats I moved into this little cottage in the old part of town. Michaelmas Cottage is a Grade II listed building dating to the 17th century.

On July 6th it was moving time!

Not easy parking several moving vans in the narrow streets of Buckingham!

It took quite some time to set the house up and buy more furniture - turns out our London home had a lot of inbuilt storage, so no need to actually own a lot of furniture! I try to buy mostly antique pieces for the house, as it fits the ambience better! And I simply enjoy it.

The house has a lot of lovely old details, which give it a particular charm.

This old hymns board was made by the owner's family. There's also a church pew in the kitchen and the back garden overlooks the Buckingham Parish Church.

And finally have a peek into my workspace!

We built this splendid new worktable on wheels to host a lot of my work tools and supplies and offer plenty of cutting space!

This is where I welcome clients for appointments, personal fittings and classes, both in person and online!

And lastly: meet my supervisors!

So here's to a bright and creative future! And I hope to welcome you here soon!

Feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch via the contact form!

Until then!

All the best,



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